Proud to wear.

Show what you’re wearing. Make an Instagram story of your purchase and get discounts!

It’s that simple

It’s that simple 


Find your favorite store & get discount codes

Look at all the partners who sponsor you with discounts. Choose your favorite shop.


Shop your favourite product with discount

Buy your favorite product with your individual discount code on the shop page.


Post your favorite product on Instagram

Take a picture as soon as your new favorite product arrives. Post your insta story directly from the yamuntu app.

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They’re demonstrating:

They’re demonstrating:

Your Community

Your Community



Do I get my discount immediately?

You get your discount immediately on your first purchase. If you do not upload your story within the next 3 days, the discount will be cancelled and an additional reminder fee will be charged.

How much % discount do I get?

Each partner gives you different discounts. With KLEKT, for example, you get 10% off the entire assortment exclusively through us. So take a look at the app and be surprised by our partners and their offers ;).

Do I post the stories out of the app?

Yes, the yamuntu app has a feature that lets you upload your story to Instagram.

Was passiert, wenn ich keine Story hochlade?

We can only offer you these exclusive offers if you play by the rules. If you do not upload a story within 3 days, or if you have not contacted us in case of difficulties, we will unfortunately have to exclude you from the platform. You will not be able to use the platform again later. Your Instagram and your mobile IP will be blocked.